Trash fishing from the shore with equipment

starting from: 25€ / person


Duration: 2 hours
Price per person: €25
Child up to 17 years old: €10

Trash fishing is a new ‘fishing method’ in Estonia where, instead of traditional fishing, we collect rubbish from rivers and riverbanks for the purpose of cleaning up the environment. Trash fishing is exciting and promotes a positive attitude, and it is our most popular joint activity for couples, families, and groups alike. Trash fishing on the riverbanks is perfect for people who appreciate firm ground beneath their feet.

Rubbish can be fished out using landing nets, magnets, as well as litter pickers. A fun ‘treasure hunt’ will ensue, as you may find all kinds of interesting items. After the ‘hunt’, we sort all the ‘treasures’ into the right containers and send them to the waste station.

After a busy trip, you can enjoy some of the gifts of nature that our abundant water bodies have to offer at Sadamarestoran. The local fish selection depends on the luck of the fishermen, and you can let yourself be surprised when getting acquainted with the menu of the restaurant. Meat lovers and vegetarians will not go hungry, either.

Interesting items guests have found in River Sauga:

electric boiler, dinghy, shopping cart, traffic sign, toilet bowl, router, roller skates, spinning set, electric cables, a bed from a USSR military barracks, axes, lures, etc.

The price includes:

  • landing net and a magnet for fishing on the berth
  • garbage collection tool, garbage container
  • gloves
  • waste management

You can give new life:

Every trash fisher gives new life to the river. In cooperation with the fish farming department of the State Forest Management Centre, we release young whitefish and salmon into the water at the end of the season. In 2022–2023, 2,320 young fish were given back to the river with the contribution of our dear visitors. In this way, we all support the restoration of fish stocks in the river system together.


  • Dress according to the weather – we recommend you wear multiple layers.
  • We recommend you bring a change of clothes; you can take a shower afterwards, if you wish.
  • Trash fishing still takes place if it rains, so bring a raincoat or a water-repellent jacket.
  • You need rainboots if you want to move on wet riverbanks. That is where most finds come from.

The cooperation partner for waste management is Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS.

The eco-house accommodation package of the project ‘Your green holiday’ and trash fishing with magnets and nets are supported by the funds of the European Regional Development Fund through the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency and are funded as part of the response of the EU to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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