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Fishing packages

Fishing packages are designed for beginners as well as experienced fishermen. The Sauga River offers good catches and pleasant experiences in both summer and winter.

Alates: 575€

Laevaga kalapüügireis 5le koos giidiga (4h)

Alates: 425€

Giidiga kalapüügireis mootorpaadiga 2le (7h)

Hind: 159€

Kalastusretk mootorpaadiga 2le (6h)

HInd: 20€

Õngitsemine sadamakailt

Alates: 725€

Kalapüük seltskonnale mootorpaatidega (2-3h)

accommodation & events

(+372) 5626 3400

fishing & harbour

(+372) 509 7841

general information

restaurant & harbour

Uus-Sauga 62, Pärnu, Pärnu County

accommodation & SLIpway

Kaste tee 1, Eametsa village, Pärnu County

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